My Man Godfrey

Author Eric S. Hatch

Eric S. Hatch was an American author who wrote the short novel 1101 Park Avenue, the basis for both films of My Man Godfrey. Along with writer Morrie Ryskind, he was nominated for an Academy Award for the Godfrey screenplay in 1936. The Oscars then were only in their eighth year.

Eric Hatch was also a member of the original staff of The New Yorker and continued working for the magazine until the nineteen fifties. He was the author of over 25 novels and many articles and stories as well as a historian. Mr Hatch served as the chairman of the Connecticut Historical Commission in 1967 and was the chairman of the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Connecticut.

My Man Godfrey was a hit when it was released. Frank S. Nugent, the film critic of The New York Times wrote, “There may be a sober moment or two in the picture; there may be a few lines of the script that do not pack a laugh. Somehow we cannot remember them.”

Mr. Hatch’s son, Eric Hatch Jr., is a professional photographer who was kind enough to share a few images of his father with the company of My Man Godfrey. They are re-posted below with his permission.

All images courtesy of Eric Hatch, Jr. 


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